IMRAN-C has drawn on many musical styles to create his own sound—a clash of pop and EDM. Most listeners often describe Imran’s music as “unique” or “edgy.” Being born and raised in the United States, Imran comes from a culturally diverse background that is half Pakistani and half Mexican American.

In the past, Imran has released several singles that are now part of the EP called Offbeat. The EP has had online success and continues to thrive. The whole project was centered on the notion of making infectious dance music, then having those tracks remixed. The first single to be released for the EP was Monster, followed by Back Away, which premiered in Hollywood, CA.

As a songwriter, artist, and producer IMRAN-C is always writing. He has written music for documentaries, worked with national best selling authors, independent filmmakers, and runs several networks that draw in millions of readers. That being said, his music is an essential element in his daily life. Many hours are spent in the studio producing and working.

What most fans do not realize is that everything is created by Imran solely. He writes, composes, produces, and records his own songs. Everything is his interpretation and nothing is written for him. He enjoys creating songs and watching them grow until finally they trickle down to the outside world.

All of his music is very relatable and will hopefully reach out and touch his fans, he likes to keep things simple yet stay innovative. As he puts it, “There is nothing more enjoyable than my fans dancing or relating to my songs. It makes me feel good to know people can relate to me and hopefully I can help them in some positive way.”

So, what’s next and is there anything new? Imran’s new album (Illuminate) is scheduled for release later this year. In the meantime, you can download all of Imran’s past tracks for free in the download section, join him on his social media outlets, or subscribe to his mailing list.